Imagine I’m giving you a virtual high five!

We’re both beaming over Skype – one of those ear to ear grins that make our cheeks hurt.

You’re still in a bit of shock. I’m not. I’ve been waiting for this call. 

It’s the high energy call I get from all of my clients.


This very call… and this somewhat cheesy virtual high five… this is why you hired me in the first place as your coach and personal champion.

I listened to your wants, dreams and aspirations, helped you see that they were in fact possible, created an ambitious yet realistic roadmap with you, lifted you up when you needed a hand... and YOU made it happen!  

I'm committed to helping you gain the immediate results you’re after, plus personal growth that has a long-lasting impact. The techniques and tools I use enable you to deepen your level of self-awareness, learn how to work with your personality and not against it, and strengthen your self-esteem which will empower you to break-free of old patterns and behaviours, and put you firmly in the driver's seat of your life. It won't take long for you to notice changes within yourself and for you to take big steps forward towards achieving your personal and professional goals.

I like to think of myself as a people whisperer because when we work together, I’ll help you learn to see and understand yourself and your situation differently. And in doing so, you’ll start to see the world, and its incredible opportunities differently too. From there... anything becomes possible!

This may sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. And it is okay to feel a twinge of skepticism. Many of my clients felt this way at the start. But they took a chance, made the personal investment in themselves, and have had zero regrets. 

Coaching with Heidi has been a phenomenal experience for me – I thought it would be useful, but had no idea the impact it would have.

I found it slightly odd to start with as you have to be prepared to be completely honest and vulnerable, but it took no time at all for Heidi to make me feel comfortable with this and the effect both at work and at home became apparent so quickly that it was impossible not to be motivated and energised.
— A Director at a London-based sustainability consultancy

The starting point for my private clients is a range of different professional and personal goals, challenges, and desired changes: 


+ Set and achieve professional and personal life goals

+ Improve job performance and enhance leadership and management skills

+ Strengthen personal resilience and effectiveness as an intrapreneur, sustainability manager, internal changemaker, etc

+ Search for, and gain, clarity around purpose, next steps, etc

+ Career change

+ Return to work after time off (maternity leave, career transition, extended leave after illness or career break)

+ Interview preparation

+ Overcoming challenges and developing the mindset needed to succeed as a social entrepreneur or purpose-led entrepreneur

This is just an overview and doesn't cover everything. If what you want doesn't fit into one of these areas, simply get in touch and we will speak further about what you want.

My background, experience, and passion enables me to catalyse people like you to create transformational internal change leading to the external results you desire

Working with people who want to play a role in making the world a better place for us all to live, work, and play in is my area of expertise and where I've dedicate my career for the past 8 years. 

I know firsthand just how hard it is to do the work you do and to feel successful, impactful, and fulfilled. I know this because my career has given me the incredible opportunity to work closely with many leading thinkers, brands, social intrapreneurs and change agents, including: Oxford, Virgin Unite, Sir Richard Branson, most UK Virgin businesses, the League of Intrapreneurs, Shell, BP, Imaginals, Arup, The International Exchange, Burton Snowboard’s Chill Foundation, the PAN Parks Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, plus a whole range of individuals who work at purpose-led organisations to ones that haven't yet woken up to the reality of the world we live in today.

In 2013, after growing tired of seeing so many brilliant, passionate individuals and teams, including myself at times, fail to achieve the results they were more than capable of achieving, I stepped away from working in-house and consulting, and trained as a professional coach at the highly regarded Coaching Development in London, UK. 

I'm also an Oxford graduate (MSc Environmental Change and Management), studied the Enneagram personality system at the Enneagram Institute in New York, and earned an undergraduate degree at one of Canada's top business schools - the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.

I'm highly skilled, deeply committed, continuously investing in developing my own knowledge and skills, and I'm dedicated to using professional coaching processes overseen by the International Coach Federation. My coaching gifts include high emotional intelligence, active listening, strong intuition, direct communication, and quickly creating rapport, trust, and intimacy.

What guides me is my belief in these four things:

You can read more about my story right here, and also if you'd like see how I work with enterprises you can take a look at my company Return on Talent.

Who better to find out the benefits of working together than the people I've coached

Chances are we haven't met yet. Maybe a friend or colleague of yours has recommended you get in touch with me. This is how I meet many of my clients. A client experiences the benefits of working together and then spreads the word to the people they care about because they want to see them also make progress and achieve their own meaningful goals and dreams. 

Thanks to the phone and internet, I'm able to work with clients all over the world, and have worked with men and women living in the US, Canada, England, Germany, South Africa, Chile, and Brazil. I'm currently based in Toronto, Canada which is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Here is what some of my clients have shared:

A Toronto-based Corporate Sustainability Manager who I worked with over Skype said

Working with Heidi has been an extremely valuable investment! With her guidance and coaching, I have been able to take the steps necessary to transform my career wants and desires in to actionable outcomes! Her candor and coaching insights have allowed me to shed many of the personal barriers that were getting in the way of me achieving my professional goals.

A UK-based social impact investor who I worked with in person said 

I was getting a little restless thinking about where my career (and life!) was heading, and whether or not it was time for me to get out of my comfort zone and explore opportunities or perhaps even warmer climates.

Heidi has helped me to structure my thinking about what I really want, and to commit to take the necessary steps, including the most important step – the first!

As a coach, Heidi did not volunteer advice or her own viewpoints (my mum does enough of that!) but rather she asked the right questions, listened objectively, without judging or patronising, and helped me to frame my own feelings and ideas into something actionable. Before I knew it, I had clarity and a plan – I felt I was in the driver’s seat of my life again!

A UK-based corporate social intrapreneur working in the finance industry, and part-time social entrepreneur, who I worked with in person said

I have got the ball rolling - none of the above would have happened had I not been accountable to you. So THANK YOU!!!

A Toronto-based social innovation and user engagement specialist who was in search of a new role after completing a masters, who I worked with via Skype said

Heidi is an excellent career coach. She was very thoughtful in helping me review my skills and strengths and provide guidance to develop a winning value proposition.

I would recommend Heidi to anyone looking to get the insight needed to take their career/business to the next level.

After our first coaching conversation over Skype, an award winning creative strategist, and NYC-based purpose-driven client of mine said

Sometimes I think we are our own worst enemy. We think things through in our heads so much. Now I can clearly see what the first step is, which makes it easier for me to think through the next steps. This was incredibly useful.

A UK-based innovation and creative professional who was working through a transition period after maternity leave, shared after our coaching conversations over Skype

I have to admit I was skeptical about ‘life coaching’ but I was at a tricky and life/work/motherhood crossroads. Heidi was wonderful, professional but witty and easy going. She made me feel totally comfortable as she helped me find the answers myself. I have since started my own business and have found a lot of strength and confidence from my sessions with Heidi. She left me with a set of mental tools, that live on my studio wall as project maps, if ever the self doubt creeps in!

A UK-based entrepreneur I worked with in person said

I worked with Heidi at a particularly difficult period in my life. I felt confused and unable to separate productive thinking from more general worrying. I work well when there’s a structure in place, and Heidi used techniques that enabled me to reframe the negative ways in which I was thinking into a more structured format. This was an extremely effective way for me to really look at aspects of my life I was unhappy with, and to figure out what techniques or routines might help me to reframe them into something positive. Working with Heidi made me feel grounded at a time when the ground had been figuratively removed from beneath me; it’s a very subtle process, but one that I found made a huge difference.

Coaching services

Coaching isn't cheap, but its an invaluable personal investment. I can promise you that!

In the grand scheme of life's expenses, what I offer you is incredible value for money. Once we get started, you'll quickly understand this.

I know you likely want to know upfront how much the investment will be so I’ll share this with you now so that you can decide right away if this could work for you.

My private clients invest $150 US/hour and when all is said and done the personal investment in their own development is often just shy of a $1000. We'll create a bespoke coaching plan that best meets your specific needs and goals, so it could be significantly less, or a more depending on what is best for you. If you're wondering how you can financially afford this, I can offer you flexible payment terms to meet your budgeting needs. 

Plus, right now the only thing you need to do is get in touch to schedule your initial free 30 minute conversation. You can do this using the form below. During this conversation, I'll want to find out from you what it is you think you want, and why you think you don't have it already.

So you know, I also hire coaches for myself, and so I know what this process is like for you. Know that I have your best interest at heart the entire time. If during this first conversation I get the sense that something other than coaching would be the better solution for you, or if I think you'll have greater success with a different coach, I will openly share this with you. It is my professional and ethical duty to do so, and I regularly do. That said, hopefully there is great chemistry between us, and coaching is the optimal solution! 

When we work together, the first thing we'll schedule is an hour-long foundation conversation. Before this conversation, I'll give you a framework you can use to set your objectives, goals, and how you'll measure whether or not you've achieved your desired outcomes at a specific point in the future. This is a very useful tool that will help you structure your thinking right from the start, and ensure you get the most out of your coaching conversations. After you've taken a first crack at it, we'll have our foundation conversation where we'll begin to co-create your coaching plan so that it makes what you want possible for you. 

Following this we'll begin to follow the coaching plan. I tend to work with my clients every 2-3 weeks, over 3 or more months. These conversations are over the phone or Skype for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. I recommend this because the frequency, and the momentum and accountability it creates, leads to the biggest personal gains for my clients. 

During these conversations, we'll work on something very specific, and you'll gain perspective, clarity, confidence, and the energy needed to go after what you want, and get it! The diagram below gives you a sense of what the experience will be like and how you'll benefit from it.


The total number of conversations within the coaching plan will depend on what you'd like to achieve, the time commitment you can make, and the financial investment you can afford. Most of the time, the coaching plan will be 4+ conversations, with the option to extend our coaching relationship if desired and we agree it will be effective. 

I sometimes agree to one-off conversations with clients but this happens more if you are working towards a specific short term goal like prep for an important job interview, meeting or presentation (and in this case, we won't have the foundation conversation either as we'll know this is what you want straight from your free 30 minute conversation with me).  

Most of the time, I'll be speaking to you from Toronto, Canada, but as long as you have access to a phone or the internet, you can be based anywhere you like. Speaking over the phone and Skype is perfect because it is easier to fit into your schedule, travel plans and again it doesn't matter where you live. The only limitation we have is the fact that I am only able to coach you in English (If English isn't your first language and you don't feel like you can fully express what you are thinking in English, then my recommendation would be to find a coach who speaks your mother tongue as it will be easier to express yourself).

I've shared answers to frequently asked questions right here. I can also answer any questions you have when we speak. 

The results you'll gain will be far from superficial

When my clients are interested in learning more about their personality, I introduce them to the Enneagram. I often refer to it as ‘mind-blowing’ as it goes beyond how we process things, such as Myers-Briggs, and instead reveals with great accuracy our personal motivations, drivers, hopes and fears. 

I was previously the type of person who had strong negative feelings towards personality typing. I don't like the idea of giving people labels, or putting people in a box. But the Enneagram is one of the few personality systems to combine both characteristics of personality and spiritual qualities, and therefore offers enormous benefit for us as we seek to unlock our full potential and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

If you are interested in learning your Enneagram type, I'd provide you with the tools needed to discover it, and I'd help you explore it further through conversation. It is by no means a necessary requirement to use this when we work together, but I guarantee you that it will enable us to rapidly identify your strengths, development areas, unhelpful habits of thought and action, and possible limiting beliefs. Like I said... it is mind-blowing. And incredibly empowering as it will enable us to get to the heart of what you need to focus on in order to achieve the life you dream of!